Balance a diet

Diet is process to intake required amount of food & drinks. Our body is made up of 70% liquid & 30 % of strong healthy diet.

When we born on earth due to eating habits of our mother we are having lack of some nutrients & some nutrients are excessive in our body. To maintain a healthy life we need to intake proper diet which balances the required nutrients. If we follow proper required diet the nutrients which are already in excess in our body we avoid eating them.

There are various types of diets, It depend on person to person .No one can specify a specific diet or food equally suitable for all of us.

There are diet plan created by nutritionist for each person differently. If we follow that plan specially designed for us we able to gain a healthy life & without any medicines. In India “Maharashtrian  Thali “ is said to be a proper healthy diet plate . It include Rice, Stencils , Wheat chapatti, Kadhi(curd), Bhajiya( Gram daal), Lemon, Cucumber salad, and some green leafy curry with dry sabji, Chatni.

Required standard diet also called sometimes balanced diet. A balance diet include majority of easily digestive calories, vegetables, whole grains, Proteins, Carbohydras.

Why balance diet is essential? In absence of balance diet we attract towards some deceases. It could be Obesity or scarcity food issue in body.    

Some scientific research shows that taking little amount of alcohol is also included in balanced to have fit body. Alcohol helps to digest food if it is taken in small amount.

Diet depending on the environment; diet which is good in hot weather cannot be treated balanced diet in cold weather. Environmental changes also effect on diet of a human.

Main and important thing in eating that person should analyses, his own diet habits. Once you know what is suitable for you, follow & include it in your balance diet. For more information you can contact any specialist.




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