Five nutritious things you can do with hard boiled eggs.

Hard-boiled eggs.


They’re an easy and inexpensive way to add a boost of protein to any meal - breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even as a snack.


However, there’s so much more a home chef can do with them. Here are five ways to use your hard-boiled eggs.


Option 1: Egg Salad


Take 6-8 hard-peeled and roughly chopped boiled eggs and use a fork to break up any large pieces of yolk. In a bowl, mix the eggs with mayonnaise, mustard, lemon juice, a bit of minced celery, and some chives. Add salt, pepper, and paprika to taste. This can be enjoyed on toast, in a sandwich/wrap, or simply eaten directly. Take it easy on the mayo or use a light option to get a less calorific egg salad.


Option 2: Cobb Salad


The Cobb salad is a classic. Take a base of romaine lettuce and top with diced chicken breast, halved cherry tomatoes, a sliced avocado, some crumbled bacon, and, of course, quartered hard-boiled eggs. Drizzle with a light dressing of oil, vinegar, and Dijon. Toss and enjoy.


Option 3: Hard-Boiled Egg and Avocado Bowl


Another option is to take to the two richest items from the Cobb salad and make them the dish. Chop hard-boiled eggs, avocado, red onion, and bell pepper. Mix them all together and sprinkle some salt and pepper to taste. This is a quick and filling low-carb midday meal.


Option 4: Pickled Eggs


Pickling can be scary but once you get the hang of it, it’s incredibly easy. First, create a brine. There are many recipes out there but vinegar will be the star of the show. Take hard-boiled eggs, pierce them all the way threw a handful of times, and put them in a jar with your brine. Refrigerate overnight and enjoy a wonderful tart and savory snack.


Option 5: Deviled Eggs


There are almost too many deviled egg recipes to count. All involve cutting hard-boiled eggs in half, removing the yolks, mashing the yolks together with additional ingredients then reapplying them to the cooked shells. Buffalo, Guacamole, Pimento Cheese, Bacon Jalapeno, anything you can think of will probably work in deviled egg form.


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