How can medicines affect your weight?

It is very interesting to know that medicines can affect your weight adversely. It may either make you gain or lose weight. Most people buy tablets over the counter to cure some of common ailments like headache and fever. The Psychologist at VIMHANS have stated six main drugs that has a great impact on your weight. 

Many individuals gain weight because of consuming antidepressants. They usually gain weight when they are on any specific antidepressants. The types of antidepressants that can make you gain weight are trycyclic antidepressants and the monoamine oxidase inhibators. 

Birth control pills
Many people consume birth control pills and they fear to gain weight. However, this is not a proven fact. 

Sleep aids
Today sleeping pills are considered to be safer than the ones that were available in the past. It is considered to be better option for treating insomnia like cognitive behaviour therapy. 

Migraine meds
Some people also believe that migraine medicines contribute in gaining weight. But in some cases it may lead to weight loss. There are many side effects of consuming this medicine and it should be avoided. 

Generally, steroids are used to gain weight. The weight that you can gain depends largely on the type of steroid, the length of steroid and also its characteristics. It may also lead to accumulation of body fats in undesired regions of the body. 

Diabinese, Insulase (chlorpropamide)
This drug should be taken under the supervision of a professional and a proper diet should be taken along with exercising. 



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