The Atkins diet

There are a lot of people who are obese,and obesity in considered one of the biggest health problems when it comes to world population.

Doctors usually advice you to simply exercise,to get rid of sugar, fat, etc, but one of the most popular diet today is definitely The Atkins diet. Some nutritionists think it's not healthy, but who think it's suitable for them, and will not harm them, should try. Our advice is do not test it without consulting a doctor.

The Atkins diet is a low-carbohydrate diet and was originally promoted by a physician named Dr. Robert Atkins , who wrote a book about the diet in 1972.
Like we mentioned it is considered unhealthy because of high saturated fat content.

Yet some experts think disagree with that, because it's been shown that you can really lose a lot of weight and that it bring improvements when it comes to blood sugar, triglycerides and HDL which is the good cholesterol.

Why is it good to eat proteins? It's been proved that if you use this low-carb diet, and eat more proteins, your appetite will go down, and then you will start to lose your weight.

The Atkins diet has four different phases :
1. The first one is Induction , where you eat a lot of protein, and a little bit of carbs.
2. The second one is Balancing where you add a little bit more carbs then in the previous one.
3. The third is Fine- Tuning, one where you are near your ideal weight and you add more carbs to your diet.
4. The last one where you maintain your weight, it's called Maintenance.


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