Nutrition during Menopause

Every woman is going to face menopause during her lifetime. It is a very crucial phase, which requires a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition to combat any adverse effects. 
•    During menopause, your body will undergo a great deal of hormonal changes. This will directly affect your entire health.
•    Having a diet rich in essential fatty acids will help in regulating the hormonal imbalance. 
•    Vitamins such as C, B, Niacin, Folic Acid to name a few, are highly important during this phase. Providing this either through food or supplements will help greatly.
•    Bones may become brittle during menopause, especially if you don’t increase your calcium intake. Also, don’t forget to take required amount of vitamin D to help it get absorbed in body.
•    Immunity is another factor that will contribute to the fact how you deal with menopause. Hence, keep a balance of all necessary vitamins in your body.
•    Make sure you stay active; walk, jog, swim or just any other workout that suits you. This will help your body to release endorphins also.




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