Nutritive value of parsley

Parsley is one of the most used herbs of the world. Known for being a favorite garnish element, this herb is highly nutritious and has a great amount of healing properties.

•    This herb is most useful for digestive problems.
•    It is also helpful in purifying the blood.
•    It is highly rich in vitamin C, three times more than oranges.
•    It is also rich in iron, almost two times rich than spinach.
•    It is a well-known anti-carcinogen.
•    It also contains a good dose of vitamin A.
•    There is also a good amount of manganese and copper.
•    It is a great source of Vitamin B and folic acid.
•    Parsley is also known for its breath freshening properties.
•    This herb is also known for treating inflammation and has been known to protect against rheumatoid arthritis.
•    It is also a good source of antioxidants and helps in getting rid of free radicals from the body.


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