5 quick last minute dinner ideas

It would always be nice to know the simple yet quick ideas to get ready with dinner in a matter of some time. One can easily glance through these tips and make sure your children or for that you matter you do not go hungry any night:

1. Fried Rice: - What can be better than taking yesterday’s leftover meat and frying it in some oil. No one can say no to fried rice and this could be the most fascinating idea to serve yourself as well you children.

2. Chicken Cutlets: - What can be better than chicken cutlets if you are left with bread crumbs eggs and some piece of meat. All one has to do is add the e ingredients in the bowl, dip the pieces and fry them till cooked. Squeeze lemon on the top and get an exclusive dinner.

3. Salads: The vegetables are the same and the ingredients too. But how you make it can make much more difference that anything else.Tosssing all the vegetable in olive oil or just eating them plain to erase questions of health issues. If you still feel light, a cup of milk will do for you.

4. Butter nut squash soup:-You can turn the remains into a soup, if you have butternut squash. All you have to do is fry chopped onion in a few tablespoons of butter for not more than 10 minutes. When the onion becomes soft, add the remaining squash and six cups of chicken /vegetable stock. Enjoy the squash with nutmeg, salt and pepper.

5. Chicken Sandwich :-And finally something quick with which you can impress your girl Taking two loafs of bread and sandwiching them with pieces of fried/ cooked meat . Do remember to add your favorite veggies and sauces


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