A Diet Rich In Fruits Like Bananas Is Sure To Keep You As Healthy And Active As Monkeys

You are bound to get a lot of benefits if you bite into a diet rich in fruits like bananas. Fruits are nature's gift, as they have a rich source of minerals and vitamins. The sight of monkeys munching on bananas in advertisements is so stimulating, but at the same time it gives the message that banana are meant for monkeys only. But if you think bananas are only for monkeys, do think again. Bananas can be as good for you too.

If you happen to be suffering from bouts of depression, and you badly want a way out, do think of bananas. They are a helpful way out of depression because they contain tryptophan in great proportions, something that can change your mood. This is probably why monkeys are always happy!!

Bananas are the  best supplements when you are going out for some workouts. They are sure to replenish whatever energy you lose and you are going to maintain a healthy level of blood sugar too.

Bananas are the best way to guard and protect the body against muscle cramps during exercise and even when you are through the workout session. Cramps are usually the result of a lack of nutrition and essential salts in the blood. Biting into bananas is going to make sure you get enough of energy and nutrition. You are not likely to get cramps if you include bananas in your diet.

Biting regularly into bananas is going to give you a whole lot of calcium, and you are not likely to face any problems when it comes to the health of bones in the body.



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