A healthy, happy and MS-free life

A diet is the total food we are consuming daily. An improper diet will surely lead to health deceases, therefore we have to keep a check on our diet and eating habits.
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disease which is caused due to improper dietary habits, it is also known as encephalomyelitis disseminate and disseminated sclerosis. It is a very dangerous disease in which the insulating covering over nerve cells of spinal cord and brain gets damaged. Due to which the communication system of nervous system gets disrupts.

A healthy diet can help us in improving our condition.
Here we will discuss about some of the diet tips for MS patients:
1.Consume MS causing element free diet.  Probability of MS are less in case of consumption of saturated fat and dairy products but it is very high in case of consumption of fish.
2.Vitamin D- According to various studies, level of presence of vitamin D is directly linked with MS symptoms. Lower the level of Vitamin D, higher are the chances of MS. So, we recommend high consumption of it, the body can make vitamin D when our body is exposed to sunlight. That’s why there are more cases of MS in countries which get less direct sun.
3.Swank diet. Swank diet are very famous because they have very less level of saturated fats so it is recommended for MS.
4.Low-fat should be adopted as soon as possible by the MS patient. As fast they will adopt it, there are more chances of death of the disease and patient becoming fit.
So all you have to do is, keep a check on your eating habits. Regular exercise is also recommended for a healthy living, exercises like sports, gym etc. helps us in keeping our body fit and burns extra calories pf our body. Small efforts and control will lead to a happy and healthy life.



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