Eat healthy and Stay away from Depression

Depression can also be a result of eating unhealthy food. Eating healthy will make sure you have the right kind of substances going in your stomach, Eating healthy will make sure your body system is shaped up in the way you want and you be healthy and motivated to look ahead at each day.

So what are the food substances and drinks one must consume to make sure depression is kept at a bay?

Drink Lots of water:

Yes, one must essentially drink lots of water to keep the digestive tracks and immunity levels of your body higher. Drinking minimum 3 liters of water will keep the body hydrated and will flush out the toxins equally. Higher chances of cleaner inner systems lead to higher chances of feeling happy and gay. This will ensure you do not feel depressed and look at life positively.

Eating leafy vegetables:

And this is why your dear mummy always insisted on you eating leafy vegetables. Leafy vegetables mean more of fluidity in your body, they being good for blood circulation always keep your cheeks glowing, thus keeping your immunity levels stronger. Spinach, red leaves, fenugreek are all vegetables which can keep you healthy, fit and happy.

Avoid Alcoholic drinks: To defeat one of the most common perceptions of alcohol being an anti-depressant. The truth is it leads you more into depression. Alcohol is one of the most deadly chemicals which can ever be found, causing maximum harm to your body.

Everything what we do has an effect on the way we live our lives. If you want to make a better change, the first step would be to start eating healthy.


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