Enjoy these hot summers with red tomato by adding them to your nutrition chart

As we know summer has arrived and the temperature is increasing day by day. Yes, I know most of us don’t like it. Let’s enjoy this summer with the help of red tomatoes. And these tomatoes can share excessive love with you this summer. Hot days and warm-warm nights but on other side there are some tasty natural fruits and vegetables available like water million, tomatoes and berries to add sweetness to these summers.

To make it clear tomatoes are citrus fruit not vegetable as most of us are confused in this.

Here are some reason why you should love tomatoes in summers:
1.They consists high acid in them which makes it easy for us to can them. They are highly energetic and healthy. One medium tomato contains 22 calories of energy, 5 grams of carbohydrates and protein.  
2.Helps in protecting us from cancer: according to various studies tomatoes helps us in protecting us from cancer, the chances of cancer reduces.
3.Makes our heart strong and reduces the chances of heart attack
4.Protects the body from inflammation
According to various studies tomatoes helps us in reducing the TNF-alpha which in turn helps in reducing the chances of inflammation.
5.Saves our body from thrombosis

Tomatoes are very useful in saving our body from thrombosis.
If a fruit had so many advantages in summers so why we should stay from them so just increase the consumption of tomatoes from today only.  Stay fit, stay happy



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