Healthy Dip Recipes for Fitness Freaks

Dips are a great way to eat salads, raw vegetables, chips and even breads. If you are on healthier switch, then here are various healthy dip recipes that you can try to keep calories at bay and get complete taste as well. 

•    Roasted Tomato Hummus is a perfect way to enjoy the goodness of fresh and ripe tomatoes mixed with hummus. This amazing tangy dip is perfect for summers. 

•    Another chickpea dip is white bean vegetable dip for which you can whip up lemon, dill and Greek yogurt with some chickpeas and vegetables. 

•    Besides dip, having a bowl of salsa is a great way to enjoy breads or chips. Prepare a simple salsa using tomato, mangoes, onion, red pepper, mint leaves, salt and pepper. 

•    You can make a guacamole alternate with edamame as the soyabeans are extensively high in protein. This spread or dip is low in calories and fat and can be eaten with bread. 


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