How Do Fat Burners Work

Being overweight is not just about looking undesirable. Obesity brings along with it many other health related problems. It has been observed that obesity is one of the biggest causes of the cardiovascular diseases. The obese people tend to eat extra and end up consuming more fat and cholesterol than the normal people. Weight management is currently a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. Fat burner is one of the products which have become quite popular among the obese people. But does it really work?

In concept, the fat burner works on a very simple principle. The over the counter fat burner pills contain some elements which bring about certain hormonal changes in the body. These hormonal changes are aimed at reducing your appetite. With the reduced appetite, you tend to eat less and hence consume lesser amount of fat and cholesterol. Our body needs calories for energy to carry out day-to-day activities. Even when you move your finger, certain amount of calorie is used. However, with the fat burners you eat less and hence the calorie intake is also less. So where does your body get the energy from? When there are fewer calories, the body gets its supply of energy by burning the body fat. When the body burns the fats, you lose weight. 

In theory this concept looks pretty good. However, there are some serious questions that need to remain answered. If you are eating less it means your intake of nutrients is also less. While you may be reducing your weight, in reality you may also be impacting the overall health.


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