Steps to be followed with healthy diet to stay fit and live longer

Only healthy diet is not sufficient to live a happy, healthy long life. We have to follow some more steps. Here we will discuss some of those steps.

1.Learn to control your anger:
Anger harms your body and mind so learn to control your anger. Take deep breath and then count till 10 and then release your breath, this will help you in controlling your anger effectively.
2.Get sleepy:
Sleep is very necessary for our mind to work properly, if we will not sleep properly, next day we will feel tired and feel excessive sleepy due to which you will not be able to enjoy your day.  So it’s necessary to take proper sleep.
3.Watch TV but in a controlled manner:
TV is a good source of entertainment but don’t be addictive to it, keep a control on this habit, you can prefer reading books or solving puzzles, this will make your brain strong.
4.Learn some musical instrument:
It is noticed that people who learn music or musical instrument have a better memory and better recalling skills, so select any musical instrument; this will also work as a source of entertainment for you.
5.Start loving cranberries
Cranberries are helpful in protecting our body from strokes so start loving them and consume them regularly.
6.Add some physical activities to your daily plan
Physical activities help us in keeping our body active, mind sharp and makes the flow of blood easier. So take out sometime of your busy schedule for some physical activities like outdoor games, gym, swimming etc.   




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