Toddlers’ nutrition

The goals of giving good nutrition to a toddler are: proper physical development of the body, proper weight gain as per requirement of the age, cognitive and physical development and making the body organs work properly.

In the age of 12 to 24 months a proper nutrition is necessary for kids. This is the transitional age for diet and nutrition requirement.  Their food should contain sufficient amount of solid foods, mothers should feed them their breast-milk as it is the main source of nutrition. In this age the growth rate is very high so we have to take proper care of their nutritious diet.
In the age of 24 months to 48 months: in this age, toddlers are converted in pre-school. In this age the energy requirement increases and so are the nutrient requirements. Now they will have likes and dislikes for some of the foods and they changes time to time.

So more tips are as follows:
•Don’t assume that your kid is not going to like new dish, try it once. They may love it.
•Never use food as a kind of reward for your kids
•Whenever you want to offer any new food, try to offer in relaxed environment.
•Their appetite may vary daily, so don’t worry about it.
•Never offer large quantity in one serve, offer lesser quantity, you can serve them again if required.
•Let them touch the food with their hands and be ready for some mess, with this they will learn faster to eat at their own.

There are no thumb rules for kids, rules changes with every kid because each one of them have different choice, different taste etc, so understand them, their taste and then provide them proper diet.



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