Why you should add dried fruits in your diet plan

There is a special thing about summers, there are number of healthy fruits available in the market. We have access to fresh fruits which are available in market in abundance. But what about the summers? In summers most of the fresh fruits go out of season. In this case dried fruits can work as a good alternative.

We should add them to out diet because they have almost same amount of nutrients as a fresh fruit. They are small in size but very healthy and extremely rich sources of proteins and minerals. Even doctors and diet specialists also recommend everyone that we should add handful of dried fruits to our diet plan. There are number of dry fruits available in market like raisins, cashew, almonds, nuts and many more.

They consist of ample amount of nutrients in them hence they also possess many medical properties. But always keep a check while consuming them because as they are concentrated so we can consume more at once.
You should also notice one thing while purchasing them. They should not contain any added sugar because some of the manufacturers add sugar to them. So don’t forget to notice that it is written “no added sugar” on the package.

But remember one thing, these fruits can work as a snack for you as well as it can also be a tasty substitute for fresh foods but you should be careful while consuming them because they can also derail your diet in many ways too.



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